Financial Aid – To Appeal or Not To Appeal?

so i received my finaid package from BU just now. it’s better than previous years, but in this economy, it’s still not enough. essentially i’m being asked to give up my entire summer’s earnings. that just can’t happen since it’s summer – life costs money. i’m either going to have to apply for an unsubsidized loan or appeal the decision. anyone have any experience appealing? if i were to get just $1000 extra grant money, that would be enough.

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  1. Dearest Matthew,

    All of you have to do is go to financial aid, explain that you would like your application looked at again, and they will do it. Last year at the end of first semester, I asked them to look at it again, and 2 weeks later they gave me $2,000 in the form of a grant. I literally did nothing but asked them to look at it again. No paper work, no hassle, literally nothing. Definitely go for it.

    Love, Zach your 7C neighbor

  2. update: I got extra grant money. I still think I need to take out a loan, but it won’t be as bad now.

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