summer reading list for you

i’ve been following a goal of 1 book a month for the past several years, and it’s improved my life tremendously. here are some of my favorite reads.

  • Bob Martin – Clean Code – i was worried old wisdom wouldn’t apply to the speed of tech, but i was proven wrong – this book truly made me a better coder
  • Martin Kleppmann – designing data-intensive applications – everyone recommends it, and rightly (especially if you’re interviewing for an SDE role)
  • frederick brooks – the mythical man-month – amazing essays on software engineering
  • Cal Newport – so good they can’t ignore you – a good reminder of what it means to be ‘talent’ and deliver market value
  • Cal Newport – Deep Work – emphasis on reducing context switching, increasing focus/flow, a bit repetitive so free summary
  • tim snyder – on tyranny – super short read, always useful to know the danger signs to look out for
  • brene brown – dare to lead – how to show up in life and work more authentically
  • Antonio Garcia Martinez – Chaos Monkeys – an entertaining retelling of a portion of the guy’s life, sheds some light on tech startup and early Facebook
  • Chris Voss – never split the difference – excellent book on how to negotiate
  • Angela Duckworth – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – great message but book too long
  • kepner-tregoe – the rational manager – highly-effective theories and methods for decision-making
  • Ray Dalio – Principles – generally good life and business advice (e.g. radical transparency, idea meritocracy)
  • Michelle Alexander – the new Jim Crow – how and why America is racist
  • Kendi X. Ibram – How to be antiracist – build empathy for the black body and culture, and how to be an ally
  • Isabel Wilkerson – Caste – helps understand the roots behind caste/class/race systems

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