What WolfGang Ultimate Needs To Do

we lost our game today against Porkbellies. i consider them as rivals because our record against them is 2 losses and 1 win. however, i am so frustrated and disappointed at the loss today because it was all our fault. we showed up late and didn’t warm up properly. we threw so many turnovers – our defensive fire was not there – our offense was sluggish and shaky. i’m going to clamp down at practice again. we can’t afford to joke around any longer.

we need to learn:

  • offense strategies
    • zone
    • vertical stack
    • horizontal stack
  • hard, intense defense
    • keeping the force (not getting broken)
    • marking intensely (shuffling back and forth)
    • dictating where we want our man to go

our team needs to show up to practice and give it our all. we need to build team chemistry and increase our ultimate skills. i’m really trying but how can i motivate my players? all i can do now is keep nudging and hoping.